Saving Money on Holiday Gifts in Lewisville

Saving Money on Holiday Gifts in Lewisville

Saving money on holiday gifts is important for all families whether there is a strict budget in place or whether the amount of money available for holiday gifts is large and seemingly endless. Saving money not only ensures you don’t spend more than your budget will allow, but it’s also an excellent way to give more gifts to your friends and family with the savings. It’s also a great way to put some savings away for a rainy day or emergency. If you’re in your Lewisville apartment, or drinking your cup of coffee at work, read on for some simple tips.

Only Use Credit Cards in Specific Circumstances giftgivingideas

It’s far too easy to get into serious debt with credit cards, and carrying a balance on one of your cards because you spent too much during the holidays is a terrible way to start the new year. Here are a few¬†circumstances where it makes sense to use a credit card for your holiday purchase:

  1. You can pay off the entire credit card balance within a month and before the credit card issuer applies interest charges to the balance.
  2. The card issuer has a promotion that offers zero interest if the balance is paid within a certain amount of time (often six months or a year).
  3. You can obtain bonus points (like airline mileage) or cash back by using a card at specific retailers or types of stores, and you intend to pay off the balance almost immediately.

Credit cards aren’t the evil tool you might have been taught to believe they are by over-zealous financial advisors on the television. They do have a place in holiday shopping, but it’s important that you use them responsibly during the winter season.

Never Head Out to Shop Until You Go Online

As a resident of an apartment in Lewisville, you’re close enough to Dallas and Fort Worth that you might head into the city to complete your holiday shopping, but you’re also close to a wealth of small towns and communities where local stores offer excellent holiday deals. Before you head out to the Grapevine Mills in Grapevine or any other nearby shopping areas, check for deals online.

If you plan to shop with the kids, you might try to find local holiday festivals that also feature displays or pop-up shops from local businesses. You can make a fun day out of shopping with the kids, and make sure they’re not bored while you’re trying to pick out the “perfect” scarf for Aunt Kathy.

Make a List and Keep it Tidy

You probably have the names of many friends and family who will need gifts, but will you have enough money to get everyone something they will adore? You’ll invariably run out of money or ideas by the time the season closes, and you’ll end up buying generic gift cards for at least a few people.

Shopping efficiently with a list in hand is one of the best ways to save money and only buy what you need for gifts. Whether you use a list you wrote down on a notepad or an app on your phone, you won’t have to stand in front of a storefront wondering who might still need a gift or what they might want.

Enjoy the Holidays and the New Year at Rose Hill

The Dallas-Ft. Worth region is dotted with amazing communities, and Lewisville is one of the most conveniently located towns in the area. The apartments at Rose Hill offer a wealth of amenities, and you’ll feel right at home with our affordable luxury. Get in touch with one of our friendly leasing agents today, and we’ll show you around your future Lewisville apartment home.